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HEY ALL !! I know it’s been a while but I’m back and super happy about it too!  I took somewhat of a step back towards the end of last year for myself to kind of organize my thoughts out and really think about what I wanted to write about.  And honestly I love writing and sharing what’s on my heart with other people.  So here I am, back and ready to write !!! 😉

Its a new year so I thought it would be kind of fun to make that the topic, yeah?  I’ve been thinking a lot about resolutions, and not just in the sense of it being something that we say at the beginning of a new year but really what it means.  Now I can personally say that I’m a big dreamer.  Like no joke each year I will have lists upon lists of things I am going to “change” by the end of the year, which is great and all but I set the bar so high that pretty much nothing on that list even gets checked off.  So this year I decided to take my resolutions in a different direction, and instead I’m calling my “resolutions” my daily improvement list.  Now can I just get a round of applause for that name, because for real I was pretty proud of myself.  Basically instead of making the usual list of things that don’t end up even close to getting completed I strictly put the important stuff and each day I’m going to work on getting a little bit closer to my goal.

So make those resolutions, but make them reachable.  U can do it ! I believe in u, God believes in u and that means u should believe in yourself !!

HAPPY 2018 !!!


Words without Actions

Hello everyone, now I know that I promised some summer photos and interesting topics in my last post, which will be coming soon, (still working on that post at the moment) 😉 but there’s something that’s been on my mind lately that I felt the need to talk about and that’s “words without actions.”

For starters I’m going to define what I even mean by “words without actions.”  And to be completely honest, its really very simple.

We all can relate to the basic phrase “stay positive.”  Whether you’ve heard it when your having a bad day or maybe for no reason at all.  We all have heard it at some point in our lives, its not a bad phrase, but it tends to get somewhat overused, sometimes to the point where it loses its meaning.  Its a phrase that gives someone reassurance that they’ve helped a person who is struggling with something.  Now stay with me while I try to bring this all together.

It’s great and all to hear those words “stay positive” or maybe “keep your head up high” or even “you’re going to get through this,” but to act them out is another thing.  Now when I say “act the words out” you’re probably thinking, what is she talking about?  See, when I said it was really simple I meant it, acting out the words can be done with one very underrated word.  PRAYER.

There, I said it. See? it is simple!

Not to say that hearing the uplifting words isn’t nice, we all need to hear them once in a while!  However, when there empty and full of no life, its not as meaningful.

So my challenge to you this week is to maybe pray for someone that you know who may be going through a tough time and see how it works! I can pretty much guarantee you the results will be much greater.