A thankful heart

It’s thanksgiving and amidst the weirdness of this year I find myself filled with so much gratitude. It’s taught me how to reset. This life is easy to get caught up in a mundane way of living. The basic pattern of waking up and going back to sleep almost mindlessly. Having no time for anythingContinue reading “A thankful heart”

Made to be messy

“I don’t want to spend a life time trying to perfect the art of being human if the art was meant to be messy anyways.” This was a quote from someone who popped up on my instagram feed recently. Words that unpacked so well what’s been weighing on me for a while. Our world broadcastsContinue reading “Made to be messy”


Hey sweet friends! I’m so happy to be back on here and to share what I’ve been learning. These last few months have been weird, confusing and not the norm. I’ve felt frustrated at times, but also filled with joy. I’ve felt anxious, but also an overwhelming sense of peace and security. Which almost hasContinue reading “Bloom.”


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